Fighting Cystic Fibrosis Car Tag


The Fighting Cystic Fibrosis License Plate is available for the State of Alabama that funds the fight against CF! The CF license plate costs $55 for a new tag and $50 for a renewal and $41.25 goes directly to support this disease plus it helps create great awareness for cystic fibrosis.

As an added bonus, each Fighting Cystic Fibrosis license plate can be personalized without additional charge. Ask the representative at your Motor Vehicle Office about this.


How to Get Your Fighting Cystic Fibrosis License Plate

1.        Visit your local county Alabama Motor Vehicle Office. The CF license plate is available at all motor vehicle offices throughout the state. Click here to locate the DMV and tag offices in your county.
2.        Ask to purchase the Fighting Cystic Fibrosis License Plate.
3.        Pay the $50 specialty tag fee. ($41.25 will come back to directly support CF in Alabama.)
4.        Take your current license plate with you to change out for your new CF license plate.
5.        Drive and spread CF awareness everywhere you go!


1. Why should I get a CF license plate? Where does the money go?
$41.25 of the $50 specialty tag fee will be used to support the fight against cystic fibrosis; the remaining $8.75 goes toward production of the tag. Funds raised through the CF license plate will be used to support transitional care for CF patients at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama and UAB Hospital. Transitional care bridges the gap between child and adult CF patients and encompasses all areas of need including staffing, space, equipment, and research as patients approach adulthood and beyond. The license plate sales can create a steady, annual revenue to support this important aspect of CF care, and the CF tag creates great awareness for cystic fibrosis!! Please consider getting a Fighting Cystic Fibrosis License Plate today.

2. Is the $50 a one-time fee?
No, you will pay the $50 tag renewal each year.

3. And I only pay $50 every year?
Yes, but the $50 is ONLY the specialty tag fee. Standard fees for your particular vehicle (value-added tax based on year and make) to the state still apply, and are in addition to the specialty tag fee.

4. Can I personalize my tag?
Yes, tags can be personalized up to 5 letters and/or numbers. You may do so by placing the order at the License Department. Your specialty tag with personalization will be mailed to your home, and you will be given a temporary tag to place in your car in the meantime. There is no additional fee for personalization.

5. My current tag is personalized. Can I transfer my personalization to the CF tag?
Yes, provided your personalization is 5 characters or less you will be able to transfer personalization to the CF tag. If your personalization is over 5 characters, it will not fit on the CF tag. You may do this when you visit the DMV to pick up or order your CF license plate.

6. I live in another state besides Alabama. Can I get the CF license plate?
No, this Fighting Cystic Fibrosis license plate is an official State of Alabama license plate and is only available for cars registered in Alabama.


For more info about the CF license plate please email