Laps for CF Projects & Programs


Sips for CF

Sips for CF is a wine tasting competition where participants compete on teams of 1-3 people.  All participants bring the same bottle of red wine.  At registration, 2 of the bottles go into a blind tasting, and the third goes into the prize pot.  Once the tasting begins, all the wines are tasted and participants vote on their favorites.  If your wine wins the most votes you win too!


DReam A Little Dream-Chile

Dream a Little Dream is a project in Santiago, Chile that Laps for CF supports.  This program is focused on using the knowledge and resources implemented at the care center at Children's of Alabama, and transferring that information to the clinic in Santiago.  In just the last year, outcomes of the patients in Chile have been greatly improved.  These improvements can be directly linked to the additional training and resources provided by DALD.


The Children's of Alabama team with the Chilean team and Emily Schreiber.

The Children's of Alabama team with the Chilean team and Emily Schreiber.

Nationwide IMpact

Laps for CF has had a positive impact on CF care centers all over the nation.  We continue to look for ways to garner partnerships with swim teams, CF families, and care centers to provide fundraising opportunities and shared knowledge with their CF communities.

Cast for a Cure

Cast for a Cure is a fishing tournament at Lake Guntersville that will benefit Laps for CF.  See the flyers below for more information. Email to register.