“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”
— Winston Churchill

Laps for Cystic Fibrosis is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness of cystic fibrosis and providing financial support in all areas of need for CF treatment, research, care, and improved quality of life. Laps for CF’s priority is to keep funds directly influencing the lives of lives of CF families and improving the local care centers they frequent. Funds raised are used to support the following:

  • CF Care Centers such as the centers at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama and UAB Hospital. These CF Care Centers provide medical treatment and services to both children and adult CF patients.
  • The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which is a national nonprofit organization that finances all of the research toward finding a cure for CF.
  • CF Hope, an organization that assists CF families by providing them with financial support, transportation, and daily assistance.


The most amazing aspect of Laps for CF lies in the story of its humble beginning which is attributed to one truly remarkable young lady, Emily Schreiber. Emily was diagnosed with CF in January of 2003 at age nine. Although a surprise to her and her family, she confronted her condition with determination and resolve, putting together her first CF fund-raising event, dubbed Laps for CF, only six weeks after her diagnosis. An avid swimmer for years, Emily’s idea for the fund-raiser focused on individuals pledging dollar amounts for each lap she would swim. While her original goal was to raise $3,000, Emily raised nearly $60,000 in her first year! With the success of the first year, Emily decided to swim laps again the following year, and Laps for CF was officially born. After a couple of years of swimming in a local community pool, Emily’s Laps for CF event gained the support of the Auburn and Alabama Swim Teams, who invited Emily to host her event on their campuses. With the success of the Alabama and Auburn events, Laps for CF became its own nonprofit organization earning its 501(c)3 status in December of 2005. Laps for CF now hosts numerous fundraising events annually that have included concerts, golf tournaments, wine tastings and more in addition to the swim events. What began as a way for a nine year old girl to cope with her disease and give something back has now become a successful nonprofit that has raised over $2 million and has helped elevate Birmingham’s pediatric CF Care Center at Children’s Hospital to one of the top in the country.

Emily Schreiber

Emily Schreiber


Our Mission

Laps for CF is dedicated to raising awareness and support in all areas of CF treatment, care, research, and improved quality of life.

What We've Achieved

Throughout Emily’s success with Laps for CF, she has gained the attention of the following national media:

  • NBC’s Today Show
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids
  • American Girl Magazine
  • Crystal Cathedral’s Hour of Power
  • Armed Services Network
  • CNN
  • Glamour Magazine

Emily has received the following awards in recognition of her fundraising efforts:


  • Association of Fundraising Professionals’ National Youth in Philanthropy Award, 2008
  • Vulcan Park’s Little Giant Award, 2007
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Alabama Chapter Youth in Philanthropy Award, 2006
  • Genentech Heroes of Hope, 2006
  • Recognition by Resolution from Jefferson County, AL Commission, 2006