Dream a Little Dream Chile

Earlier this year, the pulmonary team from Children's and UAB went back to Santiago, Chileto work on Dream A Little Dream (DALD.). This project has been growing over the last few years and continues to do so as a result of the positive outcomes for the patients there.  While the team was there they were able to accomplish several things.  One big goal every time is to review patients' cases.  Most of these patients are ones that may be presenting unusual symptoms and figure out the best course of action for the patient.  They also use the knowledge that has helped the local center here in Alabama become so successful and put it to use at the center in Chile.  Since the team at Children's has grown, there experiences with CF patients has been vast and can lend experience to some teams who have had limited interaction with CF patients.  There is still much to be done, but in just the short time that DALD has been in place there have been remarkable improvements for several patients.  The project has also brought many different centers together to work towards one goal of helping patients stay healthy and live longer.  Growing interest from hospitals around Chile is also helping lend validity and support for the project.  Laps for CF is dedicated to helping improve the lives of Chilean CF patients by supporting DALD.